Find some of our frequently asked questions below

What should I do if I can't create the shoes that I want on the Online 3D Designer?

If you have a design in mind that you are not able to create on our website, we will try our very best to make your dream shoe come true. Please email us with some photos of the accessories, heels, fabrics, etc. you like and we will consult our craftsmen to see what we can do for you. 

How can I control my budget? 

You have complete control over your budget and as you design the shoes on our design page the price updates depending on the materials and any add- ons you select. The total price will be quoted before you submit your order and you can always make changes then if you have gone over budget.

Can I make changes after placing my order ?

For our PrecisionFit service, you're able to change your design after you've placed your order, up until you've returned your fitting kit.
For standard size orders, you're able to amend your design one working day after placing your order.

To make changes to your design please email info@solelyoriginal.com with your full name and all of your design changes. Or you can book a virtual consultation with one of our shoe experts here .   Changes can incur additional cost, see more here .

What if I'm not happy with the way that my shoes look?

If you're not happy with your shoes, we'll work with you until they're perfect. While we guarantee that we'll work with you to help you get the look you want, we do not offer cosmetic changes for free.

If you're unsure about colours and materials, be sure to order fabric swatches  & book a complimentary Skype style session with one of our shoe design experts.

What is the PrecisionFit service?

Our revolutionary PrecisionFit service allows women all over the world to enjoy fashion shoes that are made to fit their exact measurements.We recommend the service if you're unable to fit in standard sized shoes, or you have a hard time finding fashion shoes that fit comfortably.How does the PrecisionFit service work?Once you've designed your shoes or selected a pair from our pre-designed collection, we'll send you your very own Fitting Kit. In it, you'll find everything you need to easily create a cast of your feet in just 8 minutes. Once you've completed your cast, you'll send it back to us in the postage-paid package. Our expert craftsmen will then use the measurements & shape of your cast to create a personalised wooden last (shoe mould) for your shoes.

How often do I need to get my feet measured?

Your feet continue to change size & shape as you age. We recommend having your feet measured every few years, or sooner if you are (or have been) pregnant, have suffered a foot injury or had surgery on your feet. 

Do I have to pay the £140 PrecisionFit fee every time I order a PrecisionFit shoe?

The PrecisionFit fee covers the production and material costs of your personalised wooden last. If you order the exact same shoe with the PrecisionFit service more than once, you will be refunded the £140 fee. For example, if you order a 3-inch pointed toe court shoe & you already have a personalised wooden last for a 3-inch pointed toe court shoe, please leave a note in the 'add personal description' box stating that you would like to use the existing shoe last. We will confirm that your new shoe is the same style as your previous order & refund your £140 fee. The amount will be available within 7 days. It will be returned to the account that you used to make your purchase.

We're able to store your wooden last as long as you remain an active customer, allowing you to take advantage of using your existing lasts. To be an ongoing active customer, you would make at least one order (of any value or shoe style) each year, and we will keep all lasts that you have made with us. If you would like to use that same last after more than 12 months, we can remake it at a cost of £140, without having to complete the fitting kit again as we will already have your measurements stored digitally.

What do you mean by 'exact same shoe '?

To have your £140 PrecisionFit fee returned,your exact same shoe must feature the same:
  • Shoe style (ie court shoe, platform court shoe)
  • Toe shape
  • Heel height

What can I change when I'm designing the 'exact same shoe'?

Your shoe will still be viewed as the 'exact same shoe' even if you:
  • Change material & colour
  • Add embellishments or trims
  • Change shoe back

What happens if the shoes do not fit?

With our satisfaction guarantee, if your shoes don't fit, we'll work with you to help you get the right fit, for free. 

Standard sized shoe amendments

Amendments to sizing can only be made based on standard sizes. For example, if you order a size 6, but you discover that you need a UK 6.5, we'll make the required adjustments for free.

If you have narrow , wide, small or plus sized feet that do not fit comfortably in standard sizes, please be aware that we cannot make PrecisionFit size adjustments to your shoes. For example, if you need a UK size 6 shoe width & a UK size 5 length, this will cost extra; we recommend using the PrecisionFit service rather than opting for a standard size.

PrecisionFit Shoe Amendments

As with any bespoke product, your PrecisionFit shoes may require alterations before they fit perfectly. We'll work with you, free of charge, to ensure that you enjoy an incredible fit & superior comfort.

How do I order fabric swatches? 

Contact our design experts to order your fabric swatches. The first 3 fabric swatches are complimentary. For every additional swatch set (2 swatches), we will charge £1. Delivery in the UK is free. International delivery will be quoted for each order. 

Where are your shoes made? 

Our shoes are made by a team of expert craftsmen in Southern China. Our close relationships with the very best shoemakers and the abundance of premium resources in the area help us deliver our mission: to give women all over the world fast access to incredibly comfortable, stylish and affordable bespoke shoes.

What are the shipping costs & delivery times?

We offer standard and express shipping for UK and international customers.

Standard Shipping – Standard Sized Shoes

When you choose standard shipping, you can expect to receive your shoes in just 4 – 6 weeks.

This service is free for customers in the UK, US, Australia, Hong Kong, China and Canada. For all other countries, please check the costs on our shipping calculator .

Standard Shipping – PrecisionFit Shoes

If you choose standard shipping for your PrecisionFit shoes, you'll receive your order in 4 – 6 weeks.

This delivery option is free for customers within the UK. For international delivery, please add a £20 PrecisionFit fee to the standard shipping cost shown on the shipping calculator .

Express Shipping – Standard and PrecisionFit Sizes

Receive your handmade shoes in 2 – 3 weeks with our £60 express delivery option. The same flat fee applies for UK and international customers.

Delivery delays for PrecisionFit orders

When ordering PrecisionFit shoes, please ensure that you return your fitting kit cast or make your fitting appointment as soon as possible to avoid delivery delays.

We can only process your order from the day that we receive your measurements. If you're visiting our London studio for a fitting appointment, this means after we've taken your measurements with our 3D Foot Scanner. If you've opted for the at-home fitting kit, your order will be processed as soon as we receive the cast you've created with the kit (a pre-paid envelope is included within your kit).

As soon as your order is processed, your measurements will be delivered to our craftsmen and within 4 – 6 weeks (standard delivery) or 2 – 3 weeks (express delivery), you'll receive your shoes.