Shoes of Prey Alternative


We offer an improvement on Shoes of Prey’s service whereby you can design your own beautiful shoes. As a bespoke shoe brand, our philosophy has been all about YOU and that’s why our custom made shoes are more than just shoes. Since we started 5 years ago, we have been creating hand-made women’s shoes, which are first designed by YOU and then meticulously hand-crafted by our experienced shoe artisans, to finally be delivered anywhere in the world!


From there, we have heard many voices saying that even with different width options, standard size shoes still have been uncomfortable which prompted us to go beyond aesthetic personalization and offer a fully bespoke service where all women can have their shoes made to fit based on their own measurements and which are as comfortable as possible.

Everything is about providing our customers with a personalized experience that they won’t be able to find anywhere else.


Become Your Own Shoe Designer 

Shoes mean empowerment, confidence, style and comfort. For us, shoes also mean simply… expressing yourself! Stop choosing between comfortable and fashionable shoes and get your favorite style in your exact size. We are providing everything you’d want in one pair of shoes. How? With our online 3D Designer you can bring your dream shoes to life.

Being your own designer is simpler than ever. You can choose from 12 basic shoe styles with many toe shape & heel height variations and over 150 standard and vegan materials & colors to match your exact preferences. As we offer this Shoes of Prey alternative service, we’d like to speak to each woman’s unique heart… and feet!

If you need any further help you can always Contact us at with your question or request and we will be happy to accommodate you and be an even more active part of your shoe designing & making journey. 

Our bespoke service doesn’t stop there because when it comes to personalization we don’t settle unless you are satisfied 100%. That’s why we also offer free Skype appointments for any of you who’d like to get expert advice on shoe design, learn more about our services, or ask us any other question.


With Solely Original, You Won’t Miss Shoes of Prey Anymore!

If you loved the products and services that Shoes of Prey used to offer but looking for an upgrade, then you are in just the right place. It can be hard to find your perfect pair, especially when you do not fit into standard sizes. We are inclusive to all women of different personal styles and foot sizes because everyone truly deserves to find the right fit for them. 

We can only imagine how many women have tried to find shoes for large, small, wide or narrow feet and have wanted to customize them in a post-Shoes Of Prey world. When you buy a pair of shoes from Solely Original, you get a pair of custom made shoes that are as comfortable and unique as they make you feel.

By using our innovative PrecisionFit service, you can create a 3D mould of your feet remotely that we will then use to create shoes that fit your exact feet measurements. So, after you choose your fully customizable design, your shoes are handmade to order.


Shoes Of Prey, But Even More Premium!

Our priority is to make your shoes as comfortable as they can be, so we add our premium features to each pair of shoes like a super soft memory foam insole to cushion your feet and toes all-day, heel grips that prevent uncomfortable rubbing & painful blisters and built-in arch support that relieves pressure and distributes weight.

We hold the key to your personalized comfort and happiness!


Our Philosophy Is All About YOU & That’s Why We Make It As Personal As It Gets!

After studying footwear production, I discovered the real reason why fashion shoes and heels leave your feet feeling uncomfortable. It's not because they're a fashion style. It's simply because they don't fit properly. A great fit is a secret to comfortable shoes."

 Iris Anson, Founder & CEO of Solely Original

"I had the most beautiful tartan shoes made for my wedding day. So comfortable and look just as I had expected! Iris even sourced the material for me. Great service and great product. Thank you very much! Can't wait to wear them again and again!!"

- Lauren Teresa Ross via Facebook

"I made it home late that evening, having walked across London without pain. If this is the future of heels? Sign me up. "

- Christina Criddle via the Telegraph