Shoe Clips

Our Shoe Clips Collection

Shoe Clips can easily transform a plain shoe into something fabulous!

We’ve all been there: the outfit is good, the shoes and accessories are matching perfectly. But...something is missing. The solution? A pair of stylish shoe clips!

What are shoe clips

Our Shoe Clips are ornamental clips for any types of shoes. They can be used in classic pumps, flat ballerinas, sandals, loafers, boots and any other kind of shoes - doesn't matter the type of the toe shape - you would like to add an extra dose of glamour!

Shoe Clips Materials

Our shoe clips are handmade with various materials, such as crystals, pearls and exquisite ribbon bows, all securely attached to a high quality metal clip - in silver or gold.

How you can use our Shoe Clips

Using the shoe clips are very easy: the clip can be attached to the upper or side of the shoe, or even on its back heel and straps, depending on how you want to style them.


How to style the shoe clips?

Our shoe clips are very easy to use and style. 

As with our shoes, we offer shoe clips in different designs, so you are covered for all occasions: from adding a smart detail to your much-loved everyday shoe to transforming your wedding pairs into a luxurious part of your bridal look.

Shoe Clips

A hint of detail is a great way to boost an office or off-duty outfit, so if you simply want to take them from the boardroom to an after-work party, our removable shoe clips would come very handy. 

The shoe clips also maximize your wardrobe combinations: you can transform one pair into different shoes just by adding lovely details or a splash of colour!

Our shoe clips are easy, affordable and small enough to fit in your purse, so you are always ready for last for any plans. 

Special Occasion Shoe Clips

Your much-loved shoes can easily be transformed into gorgeous occasion pairs just by adding one of your favourite shoe clips. 

Sometimes we don’t want to invest too much money in an occasion shoe that would be worn only a few times. Or we already have plenty of shoes that we can easily wear again- they just need a bit of extra glam. 

By adding shoe clips, any pair of court shoes, sandals and comfortable heels will have that “wow-factor” we seek with our occasion shoes. 


Bridal Selection Shoe Clips

Bridal Shoe Clips

You want every detail - from your hairstyle to your shoes - to be perfect on your big day. So why not transform your beautiful shoes into something even more special?

Our bridal collection shoe clips will definitely help you with that! 

In addition to our custom made comfortable wedding shoes, the detachable shoe clips can be added to all shoes you have chosen for the big day, from the ceremonial heels to the reception flats. 

Shoe clips are also a great way to incorporate the wedding ceremony colours in your bridal look or even adding the “something blue” to your special day. 

Plus, you can use the shoe clips in any other pair of shoes you have after the wedding - like a lovely memory of your big day!


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