Story of a Female Founder, Iglika Ghouse

More women are doing it- turning thoughts in their notes app into fully fledged businesses. We’re no longer ‘only’ housewives or mothers- we’re independent women. Stop singing. Here’s one female founders journey to success. How do they do it?

Someone who turned her own hobby into a successful, evolving business is Iglika Ghouse. After relating to busy women who simply can’t find the time for self care, Iglika created Uspaah. Being a wife, employer and founder is not for the faint hearted! We’re speaking to Iglika to hear her story of a female founder, including her background and how she’s making beauty more convenient.

Story of a female founder: Iglika Ghouse

Today everybody is struggling with time management. One thing we all have in common is that, well, our days are filled. Recognising this, Iglika created a solution for the best way to look after yourself. “Taking the need for travelling to a spa or salon away is making looking after yourself easier.” Explains Iglika.

What do Uspaah offer?

Imagine having the chance to have a fully qualified beauty specialist on your doorstep, within the hour. Essentially, Uspaah is London’s only on demand spa service. Offering massages, manicures, natural spray tans amongst other premium services- Uspaah bring the salon to you.

Story of a female founder, what does Iglika's business offer?

‘We’re making it incredibly convenient to get any treatments in the comfort of your own home, maintaining wellness and practising self care.’ 

Where did the inspiration to start a business come from?

Iglika’s story of a female founder started with firm business roots. While working in the city, Iglika noticed that after office hours at the salon can be a war zone. Being left on hold for a simple nail treatment can take forever. Balancing her career and looking after herself was exhausting.

If you’re suffering from burn out yourself, why not book a time with a qualified expert? Visit Uspaah’s website to find out more.

What’s the most rewarding part of the job?

With her team of dedicated ‘Sparista’s’, making people feel good is all part of the job description. Adding that, naturally, positive feedback is rewarding; ‘Every time I hear that our therapists and stylists have made a real difference in someone’s day is a happy moment for me.’

Often, the story of a female founder features a challenge. Hey, that’s real life. Therefore, Iglika has a realistic outlook on her business. “To date, our biggest achievement is survival. For almost three years, we’ve been growing organically. When, statistically, 90% of start ups fail in the first year.”

story of a female founder

How are Uspaah helping their clients?

With unisex branding, Uspaah’s treatments are removing a daily hassle for everybody.

As for years now, spa & nail treatments have been ‘Girls Time’. However, Uspaah are making an effort to include everybody. This is part  of her story of a female founder that Iglika is particuarly proud of. “Beauty is becoming more gender neutal, and our branding is reflecting that. 30% of our audience is men!”

What’s in store for the future of Uspaah?

Currently, Uspaah’s home is in London. Next, Iglika is continuing her story of a female founder by expanding. “In a years time…” Iglika ponders what the next twelve months look like. “Opening Uspaah in another city like Manchester or Edinburgh would be the goal. After securing another round of funding!”

So, growing to become the #1 mobile spa app for major cities is the goal. While, Iglika’s story of a female founder is truly a story of taking the well being industry by storm!

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