Benefits of registering for emails with Solely Original

Oversubscribing to emails is a true 21st century problem- I know what it’s like. Trust me, my email inbox is overflowing from obscure brands I ordered notebooks from four years ago- after registering for their emails for 10%. So, what’s the difference between following a brand and wanting a quick discount? To make things a little bit clearer, we’ve put together a list of benefits of registering for emails with Solely Original.

What are the benefits of registering for emails with Solely Original?

  1. You’ll Never Miss out on Content

First of all, who doesn’t love a blog post? Whether you’re reading them on your commute, as part of your wind down time after a hard day, or waiting for the bus, whatever we write, we send straight to your inbox, so you don’t miss a word.

Including categories such as;

  • Bridal Tips
  • Style Advice
  • Design Inspiration
  • Footcare Tips

One of the benefits of registering for emails with Solely Original is that you’re never far from inspiration.

  1. Exclusive Promotions

We don’t do this very often- everybody says it right. Rather than bombarding you with “5% off” emails every day, (hello fast fashion brands) We hold out for offering promotions that are really worth it. Plus, our email subscribers are always the first to hear about it.

  1. Insider Info

Often, our calendar fills up with events. Previously, we’ve attended Stylist Live, the House and Garden Festival, CFE Manufacturer’s Trade Show- maybe we even met you there. But, who knows where the year will take us?

As soon as we’re confirmed to attend an event- with our 3D scanning service, footwear experts and sample shoes in hand- we’ll let our email subscribers know. So, hopefully, we’ll be seeing you soon!

  1. Exclusive Designs

Over on our website, we have our Shop the Look collection. A whole bunch of made to order, pre designed shoe designs that are there to give you inspiration for designing your own shoes. Also, to appreciate our email subscribers, we share designs that are not available online.

One of the benefits of registering for emails with Solely Original is that you’ll always have priority access to exclusive designs.

Now you know the benefits- why not sign up, and see what you think? Fill out a few details on our website, and you’ll receive 1-2 emails from us a week.