Dressing for British Summer Time



The past few weeks have been difficult. I’m talking commuting in 40 degree heat, the humidity- oh, the HUMIDITY– playing havoc on my frizzy hair and drinking my body weight in iced tea to stay cool. Plus, standing in front of a mountain of clothes at 6am. What’s weather appropriate, travel friendly and professional? We’ve put together a guide on dressing for British Summer Time, to help you get over the mountain.

While Britain’s experienced record-breaking heat there’s been one question on most women’s minds. What. Do. I. Wear. Using some of our creative, best selling custom shoe designs, we’ve put together outfits and prints that will help your wardrobe go further.

Dressing for British Summer Time 

Sticking With Traditional Styles

Starting from the bottom- let’s talk wedges. Between you and me, wedge heels are underrated. The base of the heel is wider than a stiletto, increasing the comfort. So, if you’re not a confident walker in high heels, you can cut out the wobbling. Every woman has a funny walk in heels they aren’t comfortable in!  But, you can still have the height and glamourous benefits of a pair of stilettos. Win-win right?

What Shoes: Our Samantha Espadrille Wedges. Featuring a classic espadrille sole, with a custom coral soft leather strap. Available in our Shop the Look Collection

Dressing For British Summer Time: Samantha Espadrille Wedges
The heel and platform height is completely customisable
Dressing for British Summer Time, what to wear with dresses
Combining this wrap around dress with wedges creates an easy Summer day look

Wear With: The height of the wedges elongate your legs- show them off! This wraparound mini dress from Esteban Cortazar is flattering in all the right places. With a tie up waist and knee high hem, lightweight dresses are key to dressing for British Summer Time. 

Finding your go to Flats

Dressing for British Summer Time can be hard when you’re looking for everyday shoes. Packing a different pair of shoes for the airport, or chucking flip flops in your bag for the commute. What if you could have one pair of sandals, for everything?

On this design, the mix of shimmery silver soft leather (say that 3x) and a subtle tan, makes the shoes incredibly versatile. 

What Shoes: The Jasmyne Silver Soft Leather Flat Sandals, featuring a zip detail  Available in our Shop the Look collection. 

Dressing for British Summer Time: flat sandals
The metallic shimmer is suitably light for a Summer Days

Wear With: This Nanushka lightweight cotton dress is available in two shades, to suite light and dark skin tones. The midi length perfectly protects you from the warmth, without drowning you in fabric. Plus the length is perfect for showing off your shoes! 

Think outside your fashion box

Finally, why not try a print you’d never go for? Dressing for British Summer Time is all about trying new things with your personal style. Our online 3D Designer features luxury materials, including faux snakeskin in a range of shades. 

What shoes: Our Helen Yellow and Black Snakeskin Tapered heels are versatile enough for you to wear during warmer weather, with a cooler neutral, colour palette. Also, they should take a star place in your Autumn/ Winter wardrobe! Available in our Shop the Look collection.

The snakeskin texture is one of the biggest trends forecast for 2019/20

Wear With: One of Summer’s biggest trends is having a cool, neutral colour palette. With a flattering tie waist, and a sleeveless design. This J. Crew shift is ticking all the trend boxes, and will help make the mustard shade pop! 

What to do next?

Dressing for British Summertime is hard for all of us. Remember, neutral colours in thinner fabrics like cotton, linen or poplin will help you stay cool. Why not take the chance to make your shoes do the talking?