Comfortable Shoes for Wedding Guests

the best wedding guest shoes

It’s never too early to start looking for your ideal wedding guest shoes.

This year’s wedding season may have gotten postponed for many couples, but that certainly doesn’t stop you from planning your outfit as a wedding guest! If you are looking forward to attending your first wedding in so long and are a self confessed planner like we are. You can use your professional experience of doing a little too much online shopping in lockdown, to start looking for the perfect pair of summer wedding guest shoes.

Let’s be honest, just being a guest at a wedding can be expensive. Between travelling to different locations to buying new dresses and gifts, attending a wedding can be financially draining and a bit stressful. So it’s important to make an investment that will let you enjoy your shoes long after the wedding is over! 

Here are some things to consider when buying ladies’ shoes for the next wedding season.


comfortable shoes for wedding comfortable shoes for weddingwedding block heels

Outdoor weddings are especially common in the summer.- It can be so annoying when your heels are constantly getting stuck in the grass! The perfect solution is to go for wedges or block custom heels, this will make walking and dancing a breeze.

If you’re going to a beach wedding, then we would suggest the best shoes for wedding guests would be ballet pumps, espadrilles, low block heel sandals and flat sandals. These are easy to slip on and off, which means no more worrying about getting sand in your shoes or sinking into the sand with every step!


comfortable shoes for special occasioncomfortable shoes for special occasionshoes for wedding guests

The material that your shoes are made out of can make a huge difference, especially if you plan on wearing them regularly. Leather shoes with our painted heel option will look nice and low maintenance. Especially the painted heel is made out of hard surface, so it saves you from the mud due to their easy clean quality and won’t be easily scratched like leather does.  Most importantly, it can be matched with the colour of your shoe upper! Here we have more than 150 different colours & materials for you to choose from and why not match your shoes with your skin tone as well as the outfit you wear for the day?!

For a wedding on the beach, look for custom shoes with natural materials like woven raffia or braided jute to complement the natural and laid-back venue.

We would also recommend a neutral colour heel. This way you can pair them with any outfit long after the wedding season is over.

ballet pumps for wedding guestswedding block heelswedding block heels


Another factor to consider when choosing the right shoes for a wedding- together with design and style-  is comfort.  It is so important to have a pair of shoes well fitted that you will be comfortable in all day and then dance the night away in. They’re just the right heel height that will let you demonstrate your incredible dance moves, that you’ve been longing to show everyone! 

 If you have a special fitting requirement: small, large, narrow or wide size feet, why not get the shoes made to measure and get the guaranteed fit to have the most comfortable wedding shoes to dance the night away. Our Precision Fit service can accommodate any fit & comfort related questions you may have and you can find more information on it here. 

Now that we’ve shown you some different shoe types for a summer wedding, if you really want to impress the other wedding guests with your outfit, creating your own original pair of shoes especially for their wedding is definitely the way to go! Why not customise  your own pair using our 3D designer? visit our Shop the Look collection for made to order, pre-designed shoes.

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