Top 10 Halloween Inspired Shoes

Whilst Halloween may look a little different this year, our love of all things spooky, weird, and kooky is as strong as ever. Although trick-or-treating and Halloween parties may be off the cards for most of us, we’ve unleashed the Halloween spirit with our top 10 shoes inspired by our favourite Halloween icons. Feeling the fear? Channel your favourite Halloween looks and create your own spooky shoes using our 3D designer tool.

Morticia and Wednesday Addams 

Morticia Halloween shoes Morticia and her full-of-woe daughter Wednesday are certified Halloween icons, and know how to pull off arched brows and dark braids like no other. We’ve designed our killer court shoes with a slingback strap and finished in black patent with a pop of red heel, and created a matching ballet pump with buckle detailing so you can twin with your own little mini-me.

The Corpse Bride 

Corpse Bride Halloween Shoes

Who knew the festering corpse look could be so pretty? Our corpse bride shoes combine soft baby blue tones with delicate white embellishments and, like their namesake, a dark soul ties together classic gothic style with ethereal beauty to create a shoe we would gladly rise from the dead to get our hands on.


Pennywise shoes

We’ve given our classic brogues a Pennywise makeover and combined delicate white lace with an orange heel and red laces to represent the clown’s infamous balloon. These brogues can be created with our Precisionfit technology to meet your exact measurements, which will make them so comfortable and easy to wear that ‘…you’ll float too…’

Captain Jack Sparrow 

Jack Sparrow Shoes

According to Google, Captain Jack Sparrow is consistently one of the most popular Halloween costumes of this century. We’ve taken inspiration from Jack’s signature dreads and bandana (and his love of gold!) to create these stunning gladiator wedge sandals, perfect for days spent cruising Caribbean islands with a cool bottle of rum in hand.

Harley Quinn 

Harley Quinn Shoes

These shoes sum up everything that makes Harley one of our all-time favourite characters to dress up as – she’s lavish, bold, and more than a little bit crazy. We’ve paired striking textures with alternating glitter colour blocks to make a shoe the clown princess herself would be proud to wear.

Jack Skellington 

jack skellington shoes

When he’s not busy saving Halloween Town, the Pumpkin King knows a thing or two about snazzy dressing. We’ve fashioned these boots in shiny lizard print with black buckles and a metal toe clip to nail Jacks signature monochrome style. 

The Tiger King 

tiger king halloween costume

If the popularity of Netflix’s 2020 hit series is anything to go by, there’ll be a fair few tiger king inspired outfits around this Halloween. Whether you’re team Carol or team Joe, make the ultimate fashion statement in our knee-high heeled boots. We’ve teamed our iconic leopard print with a contrasting heel in SO classic blue porcelain to create these completely unique, wonderfully original boots. 

Wonder Woman 

wonder woman shoes

Gal Gadots portrayal of Wonderwoman encompasses everything we love here at Solely Original – independence, bravery and, most importantly, female empowerment. We’ve designed these beautiful shoes in her honour; a red wedge heel, interlacing red and blue leather straps and a sprinkle of gold combine to give them that Amazonian magic. 

Baby Yoda 

baby yoda shoes

We didn’t think it would be possible to become so emotionally attached to a small green alien puppet, and yet here we are. Everyone’s favourite baby Yoda has been immortalised in shoe form with an intergalactic take on our classic loafers. The olive green leather makes these shoes a stylish, yet extremely wearable option to pair with jeans, cropped suit trousers or dreamy floaty dresses.

The Handmaid’s Tale

We’re taking a trip to Gilead with the sinister ‘handmade’ capes that inspire excellent Halloween costumes, and even better shoes! We love the contrast of the patent burgundy leather with the white silk platform and use our signature memory foam, precision fit and sole arches to ensure they will fit you like a glove.  A stiletto that’s both incredibly stylish and endlessly comfortable? Praise be!

Feeling inspired? Head to our 3D designer tool to start creating your very own custom made of Solely Originals.