How To: Find the Perfect Knee-High Boots

How To: Find the Perfect Knee-High Boots

If there’s one item in our wardrobe we can rely on year in year out, it’s our boots1comfortable knee-high boots. Although perhaps not as flashy as our court shoes or our high heeled sandals, a good pair of high boots is a timeless classic and can be relied on to provide support, comfort, and, most importantly, keep you warm and cosy through those cold winter days. We believe that quality boots are an investment that should last you a lifetime, so have put together a guide to help know what to look for when choosing the right boots for you. 

Why Do We Have Our Knee-high Boots Made to Fit? 

We all know that finding a perfect fit can be a challenge with any type of clothing, but with our shoes, the consequences of wearing an ill-fitting pair can cause long term damage (Solely Original Q&A with Podiatrist Dina Gohil). How is it that we can use the same standardised sizing for a pair of sandals as we do for a knee-high boot – which needs to accommodate foot width, heel arch, ankle shape, calf circumference, leg hight and, in some case, knee and thigh sizing. With knee-high boots in particular, getting the ratio between the top and bottom of the shoe is vital to the way it sits on your leg and how it stays up, to avoid the ankle part being too tight or loose and the dreaded gap at the top. All our bodies are unique and when fitting boots, it’s essential to consider both the shape of your feet and the shape of your legs to produce a comfortable fit and provide appropriate ankle/leg support. At Solely Original, our PrecisionFit service is designed to create an accurate mould of every curve and structure of both your feet and your legs (including calf and thigh measurements), to create a pair of boots that is tailor-made exactly to you. 


PrecisionFit    precisionfit

Τhe best part? Unlike most areas of our bodies, the size of our feet remains relatively consistent throughout our lifetimes (with the exception of surgery or significant weight gain/loss). This means that we only need to measure your feet once to create a shoe last, which can then be used again and again to fit every pair of shoes you purchase. If you need a specific fitting requirement, such as wide calf boots or narrow calf boots, PrecisionFit is the right choice for you. 


Styling Knee-High Boots 

When choosing boots, it’s important to think about how you would like to wear them. Do you like to have a bit of extra room to tuck jeans into them? Do you prefer a tighter fit? Do you need the flexibility to wear walking socks underneath? Getting a better understanding of the usability of your boots helps us work with you to find a style that will fit with your lifestyle. When designing a high boot, it’s important to consider the way the boot will look both when standing up and sitting down. 




After designing the structure of your boot, the material you choose is what brings the boot to life! Leather is by far our most popular boot material due to its durability, breathability, and the ways it moulds to the structure of your feet. It also comes in a huge variety of colours (and can be vegan too!). Another popular choice is suede – although it’s important to remember that suede is very high maintenance and easily ruined by water, so is definitely suited to more of a smart office boot than a walking boot. If you have any questions about materials, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the different features of each!




This is the fun part! Most of our customers choose boots in classic colours such as black or tan, as these are extremely wearable and are versatile enough to go with any outfit. That being said, we absolutely love designing boots in bold prints or contrasting designs – the wackier the better! For some colour inspiration, check out our new range of prints (link to Lucy) or if you have a unique idea – get in touch (link) for a free design consultation!