The different types of Toe Shape

Before you Design Your Own Heels, Part 2

Occasionally, I leave shop shopping with more questions than I started with. After all, having wide yet petite size feet, it isn’t going to be easy! Often, I’m left thinking about the different types of toe shape.

Usually, shopping in standard sizes with wide feet means I’m stuck with the same type of shoe- a round toe. Although it’s comfortable, it can be boring. Our PrecisionFit service means you’re able to design your own shoe from scratch. After, your designs are handmade to your foot measurement data. This means, no matter what fitting issues you may have, no style is off limits anymore. But, before you begin designing, you’re probably asking…

So, what are the different types of toe shape?

Generally, there’s 3 types of toe shape, Almond, Round, and Pointed. Here are the major differences between them:

First of all, the Round Toe

Which shoe? Brogues, ballet pumps

Betty Colourful High Heel Oxfords, with a round toe shape
Betty Colourful High Heel Oxfords (round toe)

Out of all the different types of toe shape, the round toe is arguably the most comfortable. The wide toe creates a wardrobe staple, as they’re traditionally a workplace essential.

A round toe is often featured on styles such as brogues, including our Betty Colourful High Heeled Oxfords, available on our Shop the Look style. Or, if you’d like to create your own, read our step by step guides to create your own vegan leather oxfords.

The Happy Middle- Almond Toe

Which shoe? Court Shoes

Next, is the almond toe. Still a pointed toe, but not as narrow, so, you still get the glamorous effect a pointed toe brings to the table.

However, don’t feel limited! The nature of our PrecisonFit service means that you’re no longer confined by standard sizing issues. Any type of shoe can be made for you.

Lily Nude Silk Platform Heels, almond toe shape
Lily Nude Silk Platform Heels (almond toe)

Featuring an almond toe- our Lily Nude Silk Platforms. Being chic doesn’t mean being in pain! Made to order and perfect for wedding season.

The Notorious Pointed Heel

Which shoe? Court shoes

Out of all the different types of shoe shape, the pointed toe has a bad reputation. Frequently used across stilettos, the toe shapes pushes your toes to the end of the shoe, shortening the length.

Audrey Silver Court Shoes (pointed toe shape)
Audrey Silver Court Shoes (pointed toe)

Step into glam with our silver, sparkly, and sexy Audrey pointed toe heel. However, it’s not only court shoes that have to be constructed with a pointed toe. Find out more about how to design flats, with a vintage pointed toe, here.

Something to remember- shoes will vary in length and shape, depending on what toe shape and heel you have. So not all of your shoes will be the same size in length.

After considering all the different types of toe shape- what’s the most fashionable?

There’s no need to follow opinion on what’s fashionable- design your own style! We believe fashion is all about confidence, and you can’t be confident in uncomfortable shoes!

Before you start designing, why not take a moment to find out all about heel height?