Perfect Feet For Spring: A Guide

After spending months in the thickest tights you can buy in M&S, the thought of sandal season probably wants to make you want to curl up inside your winter wardrobe and scream. Before pulling out the gladiator sandals and flip flops, here’s how to get the perfect feet for Spring. Having healthy feet is more important than many women realise. I for one used to have a drawer full of face lotions and potions, without a foot scrub in sight. But, adding a few extra steps to your pampering routine can make all the difference. Here’s a step by step guide on how to have perfect feet for Spring- without splashing out on a fancy pedicure.


First, remove any useless skin. Buffing your feet with a pumice stone or foot buffer is great for removing dead and dry skin. To remove any hard skin, buff the calluses and dry skin on your feet with a pumice stone or a foot buffer. Make sure your feet are dry when you do this step.


Next, the key to getting perfect feet for Spring is relaxing. What could be more relaxing than a footbath? Ok, a footbath on a tropical sun soaked beach with a cocktail, sure. But until then, here we go. Fill a basin with warm water and add in a relaxing foot bath. Then soak your feet for about ten minutes. By softening your skin and nails, the next steps are made a lot easier. Nails can be quite hard to clip, so soaking them will make them more pliable and hence easier to trim.



Now you’ll want to exfoliate your feet. Removing unwanted hard and dead skin is essential if you want perfect feet for spring. First take your feet out of the water and apply the foot scrub in small circular motions. Spent about three minutes on each foot, then rinse it off with some warm water.




We often tend to forget that our feet need just as much moisture as the rest of our body – if not more. Think of how much time you spend on your feet, how long they’re suffocating in slippers, socks and shoes. Sounds quite gross actually, doesn’t it. So, now’s the time to really spoil them! Massage the lotion into each foot and give your feet the moisture they’ve been waiting for. This is an important step if you want fabulous-looking feet.



Next is the fun part, well for me anyway. Forget the winter nail polish shades, and pick something that says Spring is here. Something that feels a little bit more bright and fresh than the usual December berry shades can boost your mood. We’ve picked our favourite colours of the season, can we just say- it’s all about those deliciously pretty pastels.



This can easiest be done using toe nail clippers. Make sure you trim your toenails straight across rather than shaping them into a curve. Make sure they align with the top of your toes. Unlike fingernails, toenails should never be any longer than this. Then, use a nail file to even them out.


Before you start pushing back your cuticles, massage a tad of cuticle remover into cuticle areas of your toes and leave on for about five minutes. Then start pushing back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher or a dry cotton bud. Applying some cuticle oil to the cuticles helps keep them strong and healthy. Plus, if you don’t have a specialist cuticle oil at hand, you can opt for some natural coconut or olive oil.




First separate your toes with a pair of toe separators to avoid them sticking together once you’ve started applying the nail polish. Start your nail polish regime by using a clear base coat. This is an important step that most of us forget, but it’s vital as it stops nail colours from staining your toe nails. Additionally,, it will make your nail polish lasts longer! Although toenail polish could last a nuclear war- why don’t our manicures get the message? Once your base coat is dry, start applying the first layer of your chosen colour, then add a second layer.


Once dry, apply your clear top coat to each nail to seal the polish. This step will make your nail polish last longer, reducing the risk of chipping. Let everything dry properly – you don’t want to start all over again! Give your nails as much time as possible to dry. If you’re in a hurry, use a quick-dry top coat.

Special tip: Use some oil – olive oil or specialist cuticle oil – to prevent the polish from smudging while you wait for it to dry properly.

Ta Da! That’s your routine to perfect feet for spring! Time to bring out those sandals!

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