How To Care For New Shoes: A Guide

We know the cycle- buying a beautiful new pair of shoes, then the kick in the heart when their good looks fade. Kind of like a bad relationship. In fact, fading suede can be worse than a boyfriend who leaves his socks on the floor. Avoiding the wear and tear of brand new shoes is easier said then done- until now! We’ve put together a list of how to care for new shoes, with tips and tricks on keeping your heels box fresh. Remember- heels are for life, not just for Christmas.


The first step on how to care for new shoes is…prevent and protect. Instead of slipping your shoes on straight out of the box- take a minute. Taking some will power (trust me, I know how much it takes) and using a protector spray, well does exactly what it says on the tin. Protects.  By stopping rain and dirt from penetrating leather, you’re preventing ugly stains and watermarks. Keep your outfits cute for longer!

However, make sure, you’re using the right kind of protection, as different kinds of leather need different kinds of protection from a whole bunch of gross things. Think stains, creases and even rot caused by having moisture on your shoes.


In order to keep your new shoes looking good for years, you’ll need to give the leather of your shoes some serious love. This can best be done with using a shoe conditioner as it keeps the leather soft and moisturised. Think of it like this- leather is skin and skin needs nourishment. After splashing out on a bunch of face toners and moisturisers, turn your attention to your shoe closet and care for your new shoes. Spoiling your leather shoes with a conditioner as often as possible will ensure that it doesn’t crack and dry out.


Next up, this is a little out there, but bear with me. A shoe tree. Not many of your friends may have one in their hallway to care for new shoes, but it’s a great way  to ensure your shoes stay at their ideal shape. Make sure to put your shoe trees into your shoes right after wearing them, for at least 2-3 hours. Also make sure you are buying unvarnished shoe trees as they soak up the moisture residue left in your shoe a lot better!


Storing your shoes is more important than you first think.  Keeping your shoes in the wrong place can cause them to damage prematurely through fading and scratches. Try to keep your nicer shoes in the shoe boxes they came in. If they came with a dust bag too that’s even better. Thrown the shoe boxes away? No problem! Neatly line them up in a place that has enough space for each shoe to breath and make sure it’s safe from dust.

How to care for new shoes
Solely Original shoes arrive in a dust bag


  • Don’t wear your stiletto heels on the grass: opt for chunky heels if you know that the event you’re headed to takes place in a green field.
  • Spice up your shoe life: we’re all guilty of it but wearing the same pair of shoes every day, no matter the quality, will decrease their longevity by a lot. It’s best to have around three pairs for your day to day shoes.
  • Beware of escalators, grates and decks! The heels of those gorgeous stilettos you own have the potential to become scuffed and worn very early by getting caught in these. It’s never worth it, so watch where you walk in your new stilettos! Awareness is an underrated tip for how to care for new shoes.

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