How We Make Our Shoes: The Journey

how we make our shoes

Every pair of Solely Original shoes are bespoke- made to order for every customer. Every pair is created specifically by customer demand, hand stitched and handcrafted. Our team of craftsmen are heavily experienced, most of them have been working in shoe making their whole working lives- on average, over 20 years. They’ve perfected the craft over time! Here’s how we make our shoes, from the moment you design them on our 3D designer.

How we make our shoes

Cutting paper designs

As part of the bespoke service, every order requires their own paper pattern. Each shoe is made of the five key elements you see on the designer; upper, the sole, the insole, the outsole and the heel.

Cut your chosen material

Next, a specialist sources the chosen fabric amongst the thousands of materials and colours stored in the warehouse. Then, they cut it according to the pattern in a highly technical process.

Creating the shoe last

At Solely Original we use traditional shoe making techniques, involving a wooden last. Plus, if you select our bespoke service, your shoes will be created using your specific foot measurements. With a standard size, a last is reused for each pair ordered. A personalised last is an incredibly intricate process, as each tiny detail is used. This is how we make our shoes to create a perfect personalised fit. This service is a little extra! However, the lasts can be reused with future pairs of shoes.

Stitching the upper

Following the last, a seamstress now stitches the shoe upper, the main visible part of the shoe to the lining. This requires skilled hands and hundreds of technically placed stitches.


This stitched material is then moulded around the handcrafted last, and eventually takes it’s shape as a shoe!

Piecing the shoe together

Once the material has set around the last, the midsole is put together with the shoe upper. After, an outsole and heel are fixed on. This requires another specialist, who is passionate about how we make our shoes.

Your shoes are ready!

Now your shoes are ready, they are cleaned and polished and shipped to wherever you are in the world.

What to do next?

We hope knowing how your shoes are made by a team of skilled, passionate craftsmen makes you love your Solely Original shoes even more! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If not, you’re ready to design your own shoes. You can wear them with pride knowing they’re designed by you, made by us.

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