Helen’s Solely Original Customer Review

We love our jobs here- truly. Creating shoes for women who’s footwear situation has affected their confidence- and patience- is truly rewarding. We’ve met so many women who have spent years falling out of love with fashion because of unbearable foot pain. So, we decided to share some inspiring stories from women taking control of their wardrobe again. In a exclusive Q&A. here’s Helen’s Solely Original Customer Review. Including her journey from finding us, to seeing her shoes in person for the first time.

Helen’s Solely Original Customer Review

Hi Helen, so you’ve used Solely Original to design your own made to measure shoes. First, what did you use as inspiration for your custom made shoes? 

When it comes to shoes, my thinking is that they have to be appropriate for the occasion but always be comfortable- whether it’s high heels or brogues. My inspiration was creating a wardrobe full of shoes to make a statement. Including some leopard print, some embellishments. Also, maybe some jewel heeled or studded toes.

What about shoes for special occasions? Did you have a specific idea in mind?

Definitely. Again, something comfortable but something versatile. Plus, something glam. Sounds like a tall order if I was in a shoe store! However, I designed a pair of nude high-heeled shoes with a statement heel for a wedding. Next, they were worn in Lake Como, Italy in the evenings.

How did you feel when you saw your shoes?

I always love receiving my shoes, it is exciting and slightly scary to see the results of the shoes I designed . The colour, style, toe, heel – wow…… my shoes, designed by me and cannot be bought elsewhere.

How did you find out about Solely Original?

Thankfully I found Solely Original when I was desperately searching on the internet for shoes that could be made to fit; length, width ( I have very long, very narrow feet) for a price that I could considence then, I’ve ordered 5 pairs of shoes, high heels and flats, with a twist in the design to make a talking point/ statement.

I made an appointment for a design consultion, then I met Iris. During the appointment I saw sample shoes and materials. Plus, the measuring of my shoes only took less than 5 minutes- very quick, easy and accurate.

“I hadn’t bought shoes for about 8/9years as I am unable to find shoes to fit me, regardless of make/designer”.

Finally, how would you describe your shoe style? 

Shoes shouldn’t be boring and shoe wardrobes should be made to be a ‘sweet shop’ of shoes full of fun and choice.

Visit our website, like Helen did to arrange your free design consultation for a date and time at your convenience. They can be either in studio, or online via Skype.

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