The Differences between Traditional and our Bespoke Shoe Making

the differences between traditional and our bespoke shoe making

First, think traditional shoemaking. Naturally, most people picture workshops straight from fairy tales, machines clunking and messy aprons. However, we’re changing the perception of handmade, made to measure shoes by making the process all about YOU. Your time, comfort and style are the number one priorities over here at Solely Original.  

Plus, our innovative technology separates us from traditional shoe makers. After dozens of customer queries, our founder Iris Anson, a footwear expert, highlighted the differences between traditional and our bespoke shoe making techniques.

The differences between traditional and our bespoke shoe-making

How do we end up with your personal foot measurements? 

Fittings have just got a whole bunch smoother 

An example of our 3D Foot Scan
An example of our 3D Foot Scan

With traditional shoe making, the craftsmen may need to see you at least twice in a workshop, to take your measurements by hand. 

Please don’t take it personally, but we don’t even have to see you. Keeping in line with our principles of saving time, we offer two ways of collecting foot measurements. 

  1. First, local to London? We can take a 3D digital scan, capturing your precise measurements in a matter of minutes. Before, we’ve written all about what to expect during a Solely Original fitting appointment. 
  2. Next, if you really don’t want to see us, we can send a remote fitting kit. Including everything you need to have fun creating 3D casts of your feet, in 10 minutes. There’s no numbers or measurements involved, we’ll do it all for you after you’ve posted the casts back to us. This option is just as accurate as the 3D scan, so it’s entirely your choice.

How long do I have to wait for custom made shoes?

Cutting waiting time in half

When it comes to shoe making, there are more stages than you may first think. Usually, traditional shoemakers work alone, on one pair of shoes at a time. There’s no denying that the end product will be high quality, however this method of working means it can be months before you get a glimpse of your new shoes. 

Our approach to working, if we’re talking in cheesy slogans, is ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. With over 50 years of industry knowledge and experience, our team work in cohesive stages to take your designs from work-space to wardrobe in a matter of weeks. Before, we’ve highlighted the journey your shoes will take and exactly how much care goes into making them

One of the differences between traditional and our bespoke shoe making techniques is the completion time. Your shoes will be with you a lot faster!

What happens if they’re not quite right?

Working with you after your shoes are with you 

the differences between traditional and our bespoke shoe making

With specifically tailored measurements, it’s natural to expect some alterations. Think dresses, suits. These products take time and co-operation to be perfectly perfect. Working with traditional shoemakers, you’ll probably need a fair few appointments in a workshop. 

However, one of the differences between traditional and OUR bespoke shoe-making is that we can work remotely. After a few discussions, asking some questions and seeing some photos we can gather what needs to be altered on your shoes. This way, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we’ve always got your back. 

We have an 80% satisfaction rate on first delivery, but if you need any alterations, our in house footwear experts will work with you intensely to get your shoes just right.