Meet our Newest Member, Susanna Granger

Susanna Granger, Solely Original Intern

 How Did I Wind up Here?

Coming from a rural town in North Carolina, it’s a little strange that I would wind up going to college in Texas and having an internship in London. I had originally sworn up and down that I absolutely would not go to Baylor University. As soon as I took a tour, I knew that I could not be more wrong, so I applied and was accepted. As for my being in London, I’ve always wanted to study abroad, and I love the UK. London looked to be a perfect fit, and the internship portion of this program seemed like it would provide me with a lot of new experiences and learning opportunities.

Why Solely Original?

The promise of heels being comfortable piqued my interest; like so many women, I had just come to accept that heels are, by nature uncomfortable. I wear an American women’s size 10 (UK 8 or European 40-41), and my heels are narrow, so finding heels that are the right size and stay on my feet can be a bit of a challenge. The further I looked into Solely Original, the more I realized that I and the rest of the world need the product that they offer.

My Shoe Journey

I prefer being barefoot, but when I do wear shoes, I usually go for comfort over style. I love the look of heels and how strong and powerful they make me feel when I’m wearing them, but after about an hour, my feet are hurting so much that I just end up going barefoot. I like to do ballroom dancing, and even joined the Baylor Ballroom Dance Society. My footwear has become the topic of jokes there, since it’s a miracle if I make it more than five minutes without just taking off my shoes and tossing them to the side. I’ve learned the hard way how uncomfortable it can be to dance in heels that weren’t made for dancing, but I still show up to the meetings in heels, delusionally thinking that maybe this time I’ll be able to make it all the way through without taking off my shoes.

Things I’ve Learned About Shoes

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned about shoes is that they’re an investment. While not every shoe you buy is going to be an expensive shoe, I’ve found that when a shoe is, it’s made to last. A big part of maintaining your investment in your shoes is taking care of them, whether that be learning to clean and condition your leather shoes or finding a cobbler in your area to replace the soles when you start to lose traction. I’m a big fan of buying shoes from thrift stores, but I don’t always have luck finding shoes that fit well and are something I would wear. Even when I do buy shoes at a thrift store, I make sure to take them to the cobbler whenever they start to show some wear and tear. The absolute most important thing though is the fit. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a shoe is, if it doesn’t fit my foot and stay on comfortably, I won’t be wearing it much.