How to get your feet ready for summer

Now that July’s here, most of us have pulled out our gladiator sandals and flip flops! After harsh, long winters, it can be easy to forget about your feet. Plus, we’re thinking about all the summer brides and bridesmaids, who’s pedicures will be captured in your open toe/peep toe sandals forever. For good or bad. However, once you’ve pulled your feet from the layers of winter socks and tights- we’ve put together some tips of how to get your feet ready for summer.

There’s no need to stock up on nail varnish to paint your toes- we’re arranging that for you! Uspaah, the mobile beauticians, provide luxury nail and spa treatments. Based with London zones 1-4? Use their app to book an appointment, and a sparista will arrive at your door within the hour. Plus, any of our readers get £15 off their first treatment with the code ‘SOLELY15’. Visit their website to find out how to book a treatment. 


So, while you’re waiting for your sparista to arrive, here’s our tips to get your feet ready for summer.

1.) Don’t forget to exfoliate

For a quick DIY scrub, try sea salt and water. After winter, this scrub removes layers of dead skin, making your feet the smoothest they’ve ever been!

Or, take a day trip! Sand and sea is a fantastic natural exfoliator. Plus, you may even get a tan.

2.) Layer up your varnishes

Something that expert nail technicians, such as the ladies at Uspaah recommend is base coats- a layer of nail varnish before your coloured polish. Base coats avoid the unsightly staining that bright colours can bring. Generally, it’s suggested the darker the colour of your nail varnish, the more important it is to use a base coat!

Plus, the sticky base makes your manicures apply smoothly, and last longer- so it saves hassle for later.

3.) Yep, you have to moisturise your feet too

Imagine how much pressure your feet deal with during the day. I’m sure moisturising is an essential part of a daily skincare routine for most readers- but what about our feet? The top time to moisturise is after your morning shower, to stop the skin from drying out. However, if you don’t have time in the morning, don’t forget to give them attention before bed. This will get your feet ready for summer, and keep them soft in winter!

Look for foot creams recommended by podiatrists and pedicurists! The key vitamins to strengthen your feet and toenails include; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and magnesium.

4.) Feel good, look good

We believe confidence is key to looking good. So, using our online 3D designer, you can create your dream summer shoes. Choose from open toe sandals and wedges, you can design them to be perfect for all your summer weddings and parties. Plus, they are uber comfortable! Begin getting your feet ready for summer by investing in a pair of stylish heels. Previously, we’ve given design inspiration for how to create your dream comfortable shoes.

5.) Get glam with friends

Whether you’re preparing with your bridal party, or just getting ready for girls night, make your nails pretty with your friends! Uspaah offer group bookings, and provide 10/20 minute mini spa treatments. Now, you can receive a pedicure and a massage, while catching up with your closest friends.

6.) Make sure your sandals fit!

We speak all the time on how important it is to have correct fitting shoes- sandals are no exception. If your feet are too wide, too narrow or you just don’t feel comfortable in sandals- you’d benefit from our PrecisionFit servce. Designing shoes to be made for your feet measurements avoid uncomfortable straps or heels. No shoes are off limits!

So, there’s our tips for getting your feet ready for summer! Book an appointment with Uspaah for £15 off your first treatment- an exclusive discount. Plus, visit our online 3D designer to begin designing your dream summer shoes.