Q&A What Drag Queens Look for In Shoes

what drag queens look for in shoes

When I think of drag queens, I think BIG. Big hair, big lashes, small dresses and big heels. Drag queen are men who enjoy dressing as women,  usually for entertainment, making themselves as feminine as possible. But, we’re trying to find out what drag queens look for in shoes.

As a company dedicated to bringing comfortable shoes to women around the world, we know the stress that can come with finding shoes. Each person ends up devising their own methods of finding shoes that works for them, and we can occasionally take advice from others. Drag queens are no exception to that rule, so we decided to ask three of them, Paige Turner, from Shades Queens of NYC on the Fashion Network (@paigeturnernyc), Gina Tonic (@itsginatonic), and Gloria Swansong (@gloria_swansong), about their shoes.

What would you say is the most important thing for shoes that you perform in?

During long nights- you want heels that will hold you up. Paige, Gina and Gloria agree that sturdiness and stability is key! Paige Turner explains; “Heel height and sturdiness of the heel is important. Also, so is finding a balance between a heel that isn’t big and unsightly, or a heel that isn’t too pointy.” Gina Tonic adds; “I look for heels that won’t wobble or break! If I’m spending a lot of money on shoes, it’s important they last.” So far, it seems stability and style is key for what drag queens look for in shoes. But, what about comfort?

What drag queens look for in shoes to be comfortable

Standard size heels are rarely an option for drag queens. For men with wider, larger feet, a size 4 women’s stiletto just isn’t viable. However, Gloria Swansong has found the dream combo. “What makes a shoe comfortable? I think arch support, a wide enough toebox. Also, I think leather is the only way to go. Plastic shoes hurt!”

What is your ideal heel height?

Drag queens are known for strutting in super high platforms, being as extra as possible. But is it true? “It really varies by the person,” Says Gina “I usually wear 5-6(inches)” Gloria’s personal taste is “At least 4 inches, with a thick heel,” Usually, Paige opts for a slightly smaller heel, “I like to wear 3 to 3.5 inches, otherwise, it needs a platform in it.”

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What problems do you encounter with sizing?

Before, we mentioned the difficulties drag queens face with standard size womens heels. How do they get around it?  “There’s a lot of vanity sizing out there. Sometimes I’m a woman’s size 9, sometimes I’m an 11,” Gloria notes that indeed, drag queens have relatable problems. “My left foot is a quarter size larger, my favourite vintage shoes rarely come in larger sizes, which is a shame,”

For Gina, there’s often a compromise with sizes. “I’m a 10.5 in men’s, which should translate to a 12.5 in women’s, but that shoe size doesn’t exist. I usually end up buying size 13s, which is fine because feet swell when you’re in heels for too long. So they’re usually a little loose at the start of the show but they fit better by the middle and end of a show.”

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