A New Year’s Eve in the Tropics

New Years in the Tropics

Here at Solely Original, we are jealous of everyone who is being whisked away on a tropical vacation during this holiday season. You’re lucky you get to test out your favourite summer outfits early. As your hair gets lighter, and your skin gets more tan, you’ll be on your way to total relaxation. So why worry about what to wear on New Year’s Eve when we can do it for you!? A New Year’s Eve in the tropics means a mix of day and night, a blend of floral patterns and glitzy jewels, and most importantly, a night to remember.

Since you’re probably going to be sipping margaritas on the beach and dancing the night away, you’re going to want something fun, flirty, and flowy. Dresses are usually the norm but don’t be afraid to change it up with a jumpsuit! Think out of the box and don’t be afraid to show your personality. As for the little midnight chill that comes off the waves, you can pair any outfit with a little chiffon scarf or shawl to make yourself feel comfortable and cozy. Here are a few of our favourite looks that go great with our shoes for a fun New Year’s Eve in the tropics! Now all you have to do is worry about who you’re going to smooch at midnight. 😉

A Little Shimmer

New Year's Eve in the Tropics
We love a little shimmer!
New Year's Eve in the Tropics
The velvet embellishments complete the whole outfit!

This flirty little wrap dress is sure to catch attention when paired with our statement high heels. This outfit is the perfect night time look that will shimmer in the moonlight, so you can feel confident while popping that champagne! The velvet embellishment on the exterior of the heel adds class to the outfit. This will allow you to look put together and mature while still being able to have fun! Don’t be afraid to dress this up however you would like. Add a little edge by pairing it with a black clutch or a little neck scarf.

Fun and Flirty

New Year's Eve in the Tropics
Match the tropical ocean colours with this blue romper.


New Year's Eve in the Tropics
Don’t be afraid to add colour to your outfit with these wedges.

This outfit is perfect to transition from daytime to nighttime. Lounge on the beach with a couple cocktails, in your bikini, then throw this romper on for an effortless switch. This easygoing piece would look great with beachy waves in your hair. Complement this blue daydream with our favourite espadrilles. The multicolor pattern on the fabric of our wedges make them easily wearable with any outfit. This combo will fit right in with any party for New Year’s Eve in the tropics.

All Night Party

New Year's Eve in the Tropics
This dress will brighten up any night.


New Year's Eve in the Tropics
These classy white high heels are perfect for the warmer weather.

You came to the tropics for one reason and one reason only. You’re ready to let loose and have a good time! This form fitting, glittery dress brings out more of your party-animal side which is what New Years is all about! Celebrate the end of one year and welcome the next in this stunning outfit. By pairing this with our white leather high heels you can let the dress do the work! The shoes ground the dress, making the outfit look more simple and not too busy. Pair this look with some simple jewelry and a bright lipstick colour and you’re all set!

An Elegant Soiree

New Year's in the Tropics
Jumpsuits can be elegant too!


New Year's Eve in the Tropics
High heel sandals will make any outfit feel beachy!

For a New Year’s Eve in the tropics, most individuals will be drinking and dancing down by the beach, however; some like to celebrate the change in a more classic way. Maybe you would rather be celebrating it with a more intimate group at a nice dinner, sipping on a glass of red wine and watching the sunset. Get away from the crowds at parties and celebrate your own way in this stunning outfit. This off-white jumpsuit will make you stand out among the rest as you strut along the beachside boardwalk on your way to dinner. Pair this outfit with our navy suede strappy high heels. These open toe, sandal-style high heel will make you feel beachy while keeping you looking elegant and presentable.

No matter what your style is, stay true to yourself and have fun! Dress up or dress down for this holiday. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to look great in your sun-kissed skin! So if you’re going away, make sure to stay ahead of schedule and plan your outfit for your New Year’s Eve in the tropics. Take a look at our shop the look page for some inspiration on what shoes you could feel great in while ringing in the new year! If you know exactly what you’re looking for, then feel free to design your shoes now using our 3D designer!

Have a safe and happy New Year’s from everyone here at Solely Original!