We’re empowering women with our brand | International Women’s Day

It’s not really a secret that in 2019, there are heaps of things that can stop women from being truly confident. Haven’t we all had that specific in-between-growing-out-my-brows-between-waxing anxiety? Confidence starts from the bottom up- your shoes. We’re empowering women with our brand, by stopping the compromise between fashion and pain. It’s time to put away your blister packs and put your best foot forward.

How we’re empowering women with our brand

Straight from our customers

After speaking with several women over the years, we’ve realised that shoes are a big part of being a woman. However, feet don’t always cooperate with this. Sure, those shoes are the perfect shade of pink to match with your favourite dress, and hey, they’re an investment, and surely you’d wear them every day forever and ever. But- and I can feel this– they don’t have your size. Your feet are too wide. Your feet are too big.

We’re empowering women with our brand, by helping you get exactly what you want. Creating your own design and matching your unique style. Also, we’ve worked with women who haven’t been able to be comfortable in their shoes;

“Thanks to Iris and the team at Solely Original, at the age of 48 I have my first pair of strappy heels and they feel amazing! I have always had problems buying shoes and for the majority of my life have had shoes made by NHS, which I could not managed without. However, when my daughter got engaged last year I decided that I would do my best to find some stylish heels for her wedding, then I could really dress like the mother of the bride.” – Kirsty via Facebook

Usually, to feel glam we would squeeze into heels- that are painful and don’t really fit. Instead why not choose something that’s truly for you?

How we’re including every type of woman?

For International Woman’s Day, the conversation shouldn’t be limited to one type of woman- whoever she is. Jobs, parenting, issues and solutions are constantly changing for this generation. Positively, there’s been more support and recognition for issues faced by transgender women.

We’re empowering women by removing barriers, especially for transgender women, shoe shopping can be an emotional time. We’re offering a judgement free, open space for transgender women to discuss their wants and needs.

We're empowering women with our brand

Plus, we’re working with pageant queen and Miss Transgender UK Bea Wood, to make our shoes available for the whole community. Before, we’ve spoken about what the brand means to Bea, as a transgender woman.

What Next?

Supporting brands with female founders is a great way to support other women, allowing them to grow. Start designing your own custom made shoes, on our 3D Designer.