Introducing Bea Wood | Customer Ambassador Stories

We're empowering women with our brand, meet Bea Wood

London in the sunshine is so relaxing, isn’t it? Ties are undone, everyone’s taken their lunches to the nearest green space and there’s a calm bubble around the city. Not for Bea Wood. When I call her for an interview, she’s in the car, in the middle of a busy press day for the launch of her new website, BeaYourself. After all, carrying the crown of Miss Transgender UK is not a light responsibility.

Born a boy called Ben, Bea grew up unhappy with her body, and nearly 6 years ago began her journey to becoming the person she truly feels she is- a woman. Bea has dedicated her transitional journey to helping others realise they deserve happiness too. Her message is simple- BeaYourself.

A little bit about Bea Wood

Bea is a favourite amongst the pageant world. Notably, she’s the reigning Miss Transgender UK 2017/18. However, this was a pageant with a difference, as contestants weren’t being judged on their looks alone. Also considering audience votes and charity work, and Bea Wood came out on top! Now, Bea is a published model, with a jam-packed schedule, who is on a mission to promote body positivity, and being comfortable with who you truly are.

How did we meet Bea Wood?

We first met Bea when she approached us to talk about her fitting issues with heels. As we can all identify with, finding the perfect shoes is not an easy task. This is especially hard for transgender women. Being born in a male’s body means that transgender women can’t always find the feminine, comfortable heels they deserve- and that we offer.

Bea wanted an uber glam pair of platform heels for a pageant, admitting to struggling with wide feet and a high instep. So many women have the same issue, making shoe shopping difficult. Bea opted for our PrecisionFit service. After you’ve created your design on our online 3D designer, we use your foot measurements to bring your designs to life. Meaning you avoid any fitting issues you may have with standard shoes, and no design is off limits. Bea was so happy with the process, she has become a customer ambassador. Encouraging woman to embrace their style- Bea’s biggest style icon is, well, Bea. “My favourite piece of clothing,” Said Bea “Is a t shirt that says, ‘Always be yourself- unless you can be a unicorn’,”

And why not? We’re happy to be a part of Bea’s journey to helping society embrace their personal styles. Like Bea, we recognise that fashion should be accessible to everybody.

What about Bea Wood’s style?

Alongside offering our PrecisionFit service, we create custom made shoes. Every design on our 3D designer is entirely unique and exclusive. So, how would Bea Wood describe her personal style? “As a model and pageant girl, an evening gown is a classy go-to,” Says Bea “Also, in my home life, I’m very alternative.” So, in Bea’s case, whether it’s a classic feminine pair of nude court pumps, or black studded boots, no design is impossible. Our online 3D designer can create thousands of designs, with a range of materials and colours. But, if you can’t see your dream design, get in touch with us, just like Bea did, and we can make it happen for you.

So, what next?

Now that she’s worn our shoes, Bea is officially a customer ambassador. ‘I’d recommend Solely Original to transgender females that struggle with shoes, pageant girls who can’t fit in American sizes, anyone that wants to wear heels and struggles’ Announced Bea.

If you’d like to find out a little more about Bea, visit her newly launched website, BeaYourself. Or, if you’d like to begin your Solely Original shoe journey, visit our online 3D designer and begin designing today.