Design Shoes That Match Your Skin Tone

Nude shades aren’t a one size fits all approach.

But right now, most stores have a favourite shade of nude. Typically either a pink-ish or tan shade, neutral shades have been a catwalk staple for the past few seasons. Adding a pair of nude shoes to your wardrobe can be a game changer- matching most colour palettes and outfits- they’re great for throwing on as you’re walking out the door. However, what if you can’t find shoes that match your skin tone?

For most people, traditional nude shades aren’t flattering and just aren’t skin tone. Using our shoe design service, we’re working on creating a fully inclusive range of shades and styles. So nobody has to miss out on following trends!

How can we help find shoes that match your skin tone?

Instead of comprising for a shade that doesn’t really suit you, why not get exactly what you need? Within a few easy steps, you’ll be on your way to having completely personalised shoes handmade for you. 

  1. Begin designing your shoes

First, you will need to get creative. If you have a particular style in mind, using our online 3D Designer will be a great place to start. Using this tool, you’re in control of every element of the shoe. Including toe shape, type of heel (classic stiletto, chunkier block, a wedge? Or even flats) and the heel height. 

Shoes that match your skin tone
An example of a design you can create on the 3D Designer

As every single pair of shoes is handmade, the design options are limitless. Be inspired and see what you can create, start designing today.

  1. Requesting your skin tone shade

After ordering your design, just let us know you would like shoes that match your skin tone. After sharing a reference image of a patch of your skin, we can colour match. Currently, we have around 150+ shades of material, which is always growing.

Once we have analysed your skin tone, we will curate 3-4 shades that are a potential match. Just to confirm, we will send you material swatches in a tailored package, for you to decide that match that’s right for you. Making the experience of designing your own shoes even more personal- everything is your choice.

shoes that match your skin tone step 2, just select your colour
Some of the materials our factory stocks
  1. Let us know 

After you’ve decided your favourite colour, just let us know. Each colour is clearly marked with a unique reference code. With this, we can tell our shoemakers- then your shoes are in their hands. Literally. 

What can you wear with these shoes?

Having shoes that match your skin tone is an easy fix to your wardrobe slump. The neutral shades are versatile enough to compliment everything that’s in your wardrobe right now- I promise. 

Option #1:


Pair a neutral heel with this J.Crew Midi Dress!

Option #2:



Beige wrap dress with flouncy sleeves
Dress it up with this neutral ruffle Diane Von Furstenberg Dress!

Option #3:


Monochrome outfits are perfect for Stylist Live
Dress up any outfit by using different textures on the top and the bottom!


Start Designing your Dream Shoes

Growing your wardrobe full of dreamy shoe designs just got easier, with this one stop solution.