How to Style Thigh High Boots 

Autumn is here and summer didn’t even say goodbye. On the plus side, at least you know where to stand with an autumn wardrobe. For a season that’s full of all kinds of weather, staying cosy and chic is the priority. One way to nail the combo? Know how to style thigh high boots. 

First, choose some footwear staples for the season. After that, the rest of your style will fall into place- no pun intended. Let’s get started with some tips on how to style thigh high boots! 

How to Style Thigh High Boots 

Selecting the Right Material 

Begin with the right fabric choice- think of how often will you be wearing the boots. If your thigh high boots are going to become an everyday staple, it’s worth noting softer materials such as suede and velvets are easily damaged with rough weather. 

We would recommend more durable materials such as soft and patent leather. 

How to style thigh high boots
During unpredictable weather, try durable materials

Choosing the right colour palette 

Next, one of our top tips for how to style thigh high boots- know your colours. Usually, autumnal shades are browns, tans and burgundy. Why change? These colours are timeless, and will effortlessly pair with anything in your wardrobe. 

How to Style Thigh High Boots
Opt for Dark Autumnal Shades

Made to Measure 

Finally, probably the best clue for how to style thigh high boots – make sure they fit. We’ve all been in a situation where you leave the house in gorgeous thigh high or knee high boots. Then you’re down the road hiking them back up, while the material is sagging around your ankles!

First, with our PrecisionFit service, you design your shoes. Then, we will work with you to guide you on taking your measurements at home. Including calf, length and thigh measurements. So, cut out hitching up your boots and have them made to measure, for a truly chic and comfortable final look. Find out more about our PrecisionFit service on our website. 

how to style thigh high boots and be comfortable
Thigh high boots will be more comfortable when they’re made to measure


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