Spending Solely Original gift cards

Too soon to mention Christmas? Whether you’re just starting your shopping or you have been slowly collecting gifts since Spring time, there’s always that one picky person. That one aunt or friend who has everything, and you have absolutely no idea- they’re probably popping into your head right now. 

Why not give the choice to them? When spending Solely Original gift cards, the recipient can have fun designing their dream shoes, knowing they will fit comfortably. So, whether they have a tough time finding comfortable shoes, or they love using fashion to express themselves, a gift card could be the ideal choice. 

Here’s a guide to spending Solely Original gift cards 

£20 gift card 

First, a £20 gift card can put them on their way to designing bespoke shoes. Adding embellishments can be covered with £20. Plus, embellishments are great for highlighting that the shoes are handmade. Every detail added to the shoe is custom made and handcrafted. 

Using a £20 gift card, add some personality to the design! 

Spending Solely Original gift cards
An example of a handmade embellishment

£50 gift card 

Next, £50 gift cards can be used for personalisation too. When spending Solely Original gift cards, we want your final product to be as personal as possible- why not pay tribute to your family? As it’s growing in popularity and becoming a style trend- source your own tartan. 

For £50, we’ll take the hard work of tracing your personal family tartan & using it to make your shoe design. Brides love this service- so if you happen to know one, a £50 gift card can add an extra special touch to their wedding day…

Close up of tartan
Source your authentic family tartan

£50 can also make for a perfect gift for yourself or a woman who has a go-to pair of heels and wants to get the most wear out of them. You can create new and unique looks for any occasion.

With a £50 gift card, the recipient can choose which shoe clip to buy, among our selection of best sellers from our Etsy store that you can find on our website. All our shoe clips are handmade with the finest quality and come in small but gleaming organza bags, perfect to be reused and carry jewels and shoe clips wherever you go.

Four Satin Ribbon with Crystals Shoe Clips
Example of Shoe Clips

£100 gift card 

Finally, spending a £100 gift card. One idea would be our ballet flats. Beginning at £99, a handcrafted, custom-designed pair of ballet flats could become your loved one’s wardrobe staple. 

A photo of a pair of ballet pumps for spendng solely original gift cards
Update your everyday wardrobe

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