How Custom Made Shoes Help The Environment

It’s safe to say there’s a negative stigma around the fashion industry- especially its environmental approach. However, custom made products go the extra mile- avoiding waste, supporting skilled workers and their inherited industries. Plus, by giving you exactly what you want from the beginning of your experience- custom made shoes help the environment.

It’s not always the usual suspects

Usually, people point the finger towards fast fashion brands and disposing cheaper garments after one wear. However, recently, even luxury brands have admitted to burning their excess stock. Protecting their heritage branding and stopping their stock falling into discount territory is their priority. Here, we’re explaining how no products are wasted by crafting custom made shoes.

But do custom made shoes help the environment?

Before, we’ve explained the benefits of traditional shoe making, including fit and quality. How do custom made shoes help the environment? First, less waste. After designing your shoes on our online 3D Designer, our shoemakers begin working to bring them to life. Cutting every millimetre of fabric by hand, especially for your shoes. Leading to less unusable scrap fabric and more consciously made accessories. 

A stack of fabric from our work space,
A pile of the fabrics that are in our work space, which are hand selected

Haven’t we all taken advantage of the high streets super easy returns policies?

Returned shoes are likely to stay on the shelf for a while. Custom made shoes help the environment by adjusting any issues- instead of throwing the product away all together!

After discussing what you need, we make alterations locally. 

Custom made shoes help the environment by using local alterations services
Handcrafting a wooden last, that’s used for altering the style of the show

Plus, custom made shoes help the environment as nothing is disposed. 

Finally, if we’re remaking your shoes, we ask that the original pair are returned. Then, the original pair become sample shoes. They’re important for showing off our customers creativity at pop up stores and events. Every pair has a story and purpose.

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