Our Favourite Celebrity Shoe Styles

Celebrity Shoe Styles

Our Favourite Celebrity Shoe Styles

Oh, how much we have loved these inspirational women and their amazing taste in shoes. Each one of them has brought her own piece of personality not only in her actions or talents but in her style as well. We have all flipped through magazines or browsed online through their public appearances, outfits and the confidence that is exuded from them. Celebrities and shoes are a hot topic at any time. So, we have gathered our favourite celebrity shoe styles to give you some more inspiration to scroll through this day. 

Kate Middleton – Shoe Style: Court Shoes 

Kate Middleton - Court Shoes

Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world ” Marilyn Monroe said, and as it seems Kate Middleton agrees. She knows just what shoe to pick to perfectly complete every look, she chooses the classic and timeless ones, with court shoes being her all-time favourite style. These nude effortless chic court shoes give the feminine and elegant touch that every woman seeks.

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Emma Watson – Shoe Style: Brogues

Emma Watson - Brogues

Emma Watson has changed her style many times over the years. Our favourite shoe choice from her are these brogues that totally complete her feminine but assertive personality. She has inspired us with her activism and continues to be an independent woman who fights for crucial issues like gender equality and the matter of our environment. If you want to opt for a casual look, these brogues are versatile, comfortable and so easy to wear.

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Victoria Beckham – Shoe Style: Slingbacks

Victoria Beckham - Slingbacks

Victoria Beckham has evolved into a powerful style icon. It’s a well-known fact that she tends to avoid wearing simple shoes in neutral shades, like beige or off-white. Instead, she opts for a more adventurous choice in footwear because she knows how to work them! These pointed toe, pink slingbacks, in particular, are a shoe style we loved seeing her in. She pairs them with a black and white outfit, to draw all the attention to the vibrant and statement pair of shoes. For those of you who like to stand out, a pair of pink slingbacks can be the finishing feature that you need to complete your look.

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Sarah Jessica Parker – Shoe Style: Mary Jane Pumps

Sarah Jessica Parker - Mary Jane Pumps

When we talk about our favourite celebrity shoe styles, Sarah Jessica Parker comes first on our mind. She would be the ultimate person to ask for advice on what shoes to wear for any occasion. She has already launched her own line and her attachment to her shoes shows that she’s just as passionate about them as we are! These mary jane pumps with a sparkling finish are one of her favourite styles – and ours too. We are simply loving the fancy yet delicate touch that this style offers.

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Bella Hadid – Shoe Style: Mules

Bella Hadid - Mules

Bella Hadid is one of the most stylish famous women on our list and it’s very clear why she has made the cut. She has walked the catwalks of distinguished designer brands and has even starred in countless campaigns for popular magazines around the world. Most of the time, she leaves us speechless with her flawless style choices, but she has given us ideas that we can easily adopt! Here are her favourite mules that complete her urban look. This pair can be worn with many outfit combinations and on different occasions. If you would like to take inspiration from Bella Hadid, but with your own twist here is a similar style that we suggest you to try this summer.

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Beyonce – Shoe Style: High-heels

Beyonce - High-heels

One of the world’s most famous stars, none other than Beyonce has had a wide range of shoe styles throughout her career. Taking a quick look at her different styles, we have narrowed it down to these blue court shoes that have a timeless design that has subtle details but still captures all the attention. Try something different and get out of the mainstream black or beige colour palette for our court shoes, this bold blue is the best choice for a summer night out.

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