How To Determine Good Shoe Fitting

shoe fitting

All About Shoe Fitting

When we think of shoe fitting, we must always take into consideration that there are so many different sizes in the world. The truth is, that every little difference counts and that means that every millimeter can make a big difference in how shoes fit your feet, as every size has a 6-7mm difference. Brands work with different measurements for standard-sized shoes and that’s why we struggle with the never-ending cycle of constantly changing shoe sizes based on where we choose to shop. As soon as you crave a new pair of shoes, having them be the ideal fit for you is all you’re really asking! As a shoe brand, we don’t think that the right shoe fit is too much to ask for. Instead of spending your time feeling exhausted squeezing into every pair of shoes, you should be spending it admiring your new dream pair. Poor shoe fitting is not a problem that you should not just brush under the carpet as it might lead to serious pain and severe foot problems. So, let’s take a step back, and ask the experts! Admittedly, a study made by a prestigious research center discovered that there are 36 factors that contribute to understanding what’s the best shoe fit. 

Below, you will find the ones that we consider as the most important.

When Does A Shoe Fit? 

shoe fitting

You’re not alone, most women suffer from ill-fitting footwear because sometimes it’s just hard to let go. As soon as we’ve formed an attachment to that beautiful shoe style or intricate embellishment detail it’s not always easy to say goodbye. Struggling to move on might not be due to the shoes feeling like a special souvenir from a memorable event, it could be because you’re not aware that your feet are just not a good match for standard-sized shoes. This habit may easily result in poor and unsatisfactory shoe purchasing experiences and definitely affect the health of your feet long term So, what are the factors that determine shoe fit? What affects the size that we opt for each time we buy a different pair of shoes?

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Foot Measurements

foot measurements

There are no feet that are the exact same size and that’s why each pair of feet needs its own pair of perfected fitted shoes. When opting for standard sizes, you would probably know that the shoe is created to also fit hundreds of other feet, whereas, with custom sizing, shoes are created to perfectly fit your foot space.

The Shape Of The Foot

foot shapes

In general, there are 5 main foot shapes (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, and German) but again, each foot is different on its width, length, etc so, although two people may have the same length on their feet and so opt for the same standard size, there can be other factors that can affect the right fit, like different width.

The Material Used

shoe materials

The material that is used for each shoe can have a different impact on the shoe fitting. In several cases, there can be identical shoe styles that are made by different materials which can change the size. Leather materials tend to leave less space compared to other materials.

 Shoe Last

shoe last

It might be called ‘last’ but it’s the first step of the shoemaking process and that means getting the fit right at the beginning is very crucial. The shape and fit of the shoe are always created using a last and need to be moulded to your feet for that desired result. It’s described as a copy of your feet and so it should embody every measurement you have without leaving anything out.

Shoe Style

Shoe styles

Different styles of shoes are constructed differently, like very narrow shoes with a pointed toe that may force women with wide feet to go one size up so that they can have more space for their feet to move around. It’s common for women to always go for their go-to shoe style   but once they try them on, the shoes appear to be too wide or narrow because of that specific design.

 Your Own Fitting Preference

Shoe fitting is also based on a  person’s personal preference and their idea of comfort. Some women would like more space for movement inside the shoe and others to feel more confident wearing shoes that s are more of a tight fit, especially when wearing heels. 

Our Bespoke Shoe Fitting Service For The Perfect Fit

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