Summer Shoes We Will Love This Season

Summer Shoes

Summer Shoes We Love

The weather is getting warmer and we’re getting more and more eager to see our new summer shoes. Impeccable sandals, dominant platforms, practical flats or elegant loafers? There’s always a new favourite summer shoe style for every decade and, especially after being influenced by the 1990s with low heels, it’s time to add new styles to your shoe closet. You might be drawn by the return of platforms or by more playful options like the Mary Janes style, as the new summer shoe trends are full of color and are sure to refresh any woman’s wardrobe. Here are some of the options you can consider adding to your shopping list this season. 

Platforms Are Back, Back AgainSummer Platforms

When you think of your summer shoes, do platforms come to mind? How could they not, but remember that adventurous platform you’ve had your eyes on for a while but felt intimidated by? Well, you can customise the platform height to match how rebellious you’re feeling this summer. One thing is for sure, this summer shoe style has earned its place as a protagonist this season. If you’ve already made up your mind and are thinking of getting those beautiful platform wedges you’ve had your eye on, then you can either go for more neutral coloured wedges that match any skin tone, or you can also consider bright shades that will add a pop of colour to any of your summer outfits. That prominent wedge will allow you to walk with your head even higher. 

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The All-time Favourite Summer Shoe? We Call Them Heeled Sandals!

Summer Sandals

Sandals are an all-time favourite style that shouldn’t be missing from any woman’s wardrobe. It is the perfect shoe to feel extra beautiful whilst you battle the summer heat. Wear them with jeans or glam them up with a silk dress for those warm days when the sun reflects directly onto the leather to put that spring in your step. Spoilt for choice? Well, the options don’t stop there, because with us you can also adjust your heel height, add any extra detail on your sandals like lace-ups around your ankle and simply let these decorative elements turn the shoes into the definition of a summer statement accessory.

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The New Summer Shoe Trend? The Return Of Mary Janes

Summer Mary Jane Shoes

The Mary Jane style is making its way back into the spotlight for the first time in years, with strong colors and playful designs, this fun-loving design is destined to be more than just an office look. If you are feeling a little more daring, as the summer sun brings it out in all of us, then you can try a Mary Jane style and pair it with any flowy skirt or dress to really make the most of it!

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This Summer Wear Flats But Avoid Flatness

Summer Flat Sandals

Start this season with flat sandals, the perfect style for a weekend stroll through the park, a date night or a day at home. They can either be worn with your favourite floral dress or your go-to skinny jeans. Regardless of the outfit you choose, summer flats are sure to get you in a positive mood. They are one of everybody’s favourite summer shoes, as they are comfortably designed so you’re not limited to any activity during the summer ahead.

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Backless Loafers To Walk In Comfort & Style All Summer

Summer Backless Loafers

It’s not just a trend, it’s a must-have for this season. Backless loafers are versatile, practical and so easy to wear. They are shoes that resemble slippers and can be found in any design, with a pointed toe and short kitten heel, in minimal lines, black or white, or even in pastel tones with a perky bow. This summer shoe style is undoubtedly the most comfortable and at the same time the most stylish finishing touch for your summer look! Try them with a classic pair of jeans and a flowery top because they’ll just go with anything! The summer really does make us want to get outside and appreciate it while we can, so slipping into these backless loafers with no difficulty is exactly what we need.

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