Make the most of your PrecisionFit last


Our goal is to give our customers both comfort and style, without compromise. With our PrecisionFit service, we’re able to create the shoes of your dreams made just for you, and your feet.

During this service, we create what’s called a ‘last’ from your cast or foot scan. It’s a shoe mould based on your specific foot measurements, which your shoes are made around. This ensures complete comfort, in any style.

Once our craftsmen shoemakers have made your last, we are able to re-use this to create other PrecisionFit shoes for you, in the same shoe style. The best part? This will be minus the £140 cost of PrecisionFit.

So make the most of your last, and find out below how you can create your next dream shoe!


Material & colours 
Your new shoe can be any material you like, take a look at our material gallery for some options.

Style additions

Add a fun element to your newest shoes, like bows, ankle straps, toe tips.

Painted heel
A painted heel is the best option to look after your shoes long term. They’re hard wearing and durable, and can complement a whole range of styles and materials you have to choose from.


Different shoe styles
A new last is required if you want shoes of a different style, such as boots, sandals, flats or court shoes.

Different heel height

Different toe shape
Such as pointed, almond or round toe.