3 Steps to Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

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Perfect Wedding Shoes

Every newly engaged woman has the same first thought- ‘what am I going to wear?’ Dozens of Pinterest boards, coffee morning chats and styling appointments later- you may have an idea. However, we know you’ve got wedding dresses on the brain, but don’t forget about the shoes! Your shoes will be walking you down the aisle, while you’re on your feet during the day. Plus your first dance! Now finding your perfect wedding shoes just got serious. Here are 3 steps to creating yuor perfect wedding shoes.

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

Start with the dress

Finding your perfect wedding dress is arguably the highlight of wedding planning- or nightmare, but hey, being picky isn’t a bad thing! After deciding the style direction, embellishments, colours and even the general mood of your dress- your shoes will follow. Trust me, it’s way easier matching a shoe with a dress than vice versa.

Plus, consider time! As we’ve mentioned before in a list of major wedding. Your dress will dictate the style, the embellishment, the colour and even the general mood of your shoe. It’s much easier to match a shoe with a dress, than the other way around! Design your own bespoke bridal shoes to guarantee your shoes are exactly what you need to compliment your dress. To see exactly how well they go together, make sure they’re ready for your final dress fitting, to avoid a major wedding mistake. That way any alterations can be made in plenty of time!

Stick to what you know

We recommend sticking with what you know best. If you are used to tottering around in skyscrapers, then go ahead and choose shoes with a high heel. But if you’re used to a smaller heel, now is not the time to break out of your comfort zone. Practical doesn’t mean boring though! Our custom bridal shoes make it is easier to break traditions, showing your true personality and style. You’ll be on your feet for twelve hours, comfort trumps style! It’s also important to consider the length of your dress, you don’t want any heel-caught-in-long-train tripping disasters!

Use your own style

Your wedding day is all about you. Therefore, by creating your own design, you do not have to compromise. Our designs are without limitations, so you are in full control! Why not add a monogram to the sole, so you have a memory of the day for years to come? We can also work with your own material to make your shoes- including lace from your dress, for a special touch.

Make sure your perfect wedding shoes represent you, as an individual and as a couple.

So, there you have it, the first three steps to finding your dream wedding shoe! Visit our bridal page for inspiration. Now you’ll have plenty of time to worry about your flowers instead!