Shoe Trends Inspired by Female Politican’s Style

Theresea May, UK Prime Minister

Over the past few decades, women have been breaking the glass ceiling within politics. The UK now have a female prime minister, for the first time in nearly 40 years, and the second time ever. Hard working women in any profession can take inspiration from a female politician’s style. They combine fashion and comfort, and their shoes are sometimes as divisive as their policies.

The following points highlight what was popular this year and how they can benefit your shoe wardrobe.

Notes from a female politician’s style

Remember to feel comfortable

Running an election campaign is difficult and tiring work. Like a lot of professional women, MP’s spend a lot of time on their feet; door to door campaigns, travelling, giving speeches. Comfort is key while you’re on your feet for so long.

A recoccuring key to a female politician’s style is a smaller heel. A small heel or no heel at all, prevents your muscles from being strained too much, decreasing the amount of pain felt in the balls of your feet.

Our 3D designer offers a range of heel heights including a kitten heel, which is hailed by Vogue as one of the biggest styles of the season. Additionally, all Solely Original shoes are made with an ultra-soft memory foam sole. Heels can be made with a heel grip to prevent blisters, and arch support to relieve pressure.

Therefore, you can take inspiration from female politician’s with a busy lifestyle if your day to day life is one of constant movement and work.

Make your wardrobe sharp and sophisticated

Alongside comfort, another shoe trend from female politician’s style is showcasing sophistication. MP’s are always in the public eye and therefore want to appear smart and elegant to the public. Women, especially working women, meet many people every day and so the style of your shoe may also be important to you.

The most common colour that female MP’s are wearing is black. Black is a business colour to expels sophistication when paired with a sharp, fashionable suit. It goes with all other colours and styles, making it an obvious option for any outfit.

And as well as being a great colour for work, it can easily be used in both a day and night look for all women. A pair of black shoes – heels or flat – should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobes, MP or stay at home mum alike.

Our designer includes a vast range of black materials- soft/patent leather, metallic, glitter and black and white animal prints. Women are also reclaiming pink- femininity in the workplace is never a bad thing!


A female politician’s style has to be as original as their policies. Adding some personal style to your shoes through an accessory or pattern can help you stand out from the crowd.

Experiment with colour, material and patterns to find a pair of shoes that perfectly match your style. Not only does it place you apart from the sea of plain black but it allows a small part of your personality to come through.

Our custom size service uses innovative fitting technology to take your foot measurements within minutes. Then a personalised shoe last is made, so your shoes are made with a precise fit for your feet.

MP’s live very busy lives and the last thing they need is painful feet from wearing the wrong shoes. Women with similar hectic lives can take inspiration from the shoe trends of this year’s election.

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