Our 5 Weekly Work From Home Outfits

Our 5 Weekly Work From Home Outfits

Many of us have been getting used to working from home these days, which implies that a lot of our daily routine, like getting ready for the office, will be paused for a while. However, getting dressed at home just like getting ready for the office can play a key role not only in your psychological mindset but also in your productivity, helping you towards producing more quality work and boosting your morale. When working from home, your professional attire can make you more determined. For some people, it’s very important to feel beautiful and confident with their work from home outfits as they know they can get more motivated to get their job done quickly and effectively.

Since 5 days of working equals 5 days of styling, you can read below some of our recommendations on how to boost your work from home outfits and become more motivated to work from the comfort of your personal space.

Monday’s Mood: Straight from Bed Look

slippers to work from home

The best part of spending all your time at home is that you can wear anything you like! So, for those of you looking to change your office wear into a more relaxed and loungewear work from home look, maybe this is your one chance to do it. You can just surround yourself with all the relevant essentials and relax in peace. Mondays are made so much easier when all you have to do is slip on your favourite house shoe. Here, we are suggesting to try our Elizabella Backless Slippers. These velvet slip-ons would look great with soft silk or a metallic pyjama set. It’s nice to know you don’t always have to completely dress up to feel lavish and trendy, especially on a Monday.

 Tuesday’s Mood: Keeping Fit While Working Outfit

work from home shoe style

Cheat weekend is over and you want to get back on track. The good side? You have so much more time now to use your work break at home to exercise. It’s efficient and can be a great way of killing two birds with one stone. What’s the first step? Put on one of your favourite work from home outfits like your leggings and an easy throw-on t-shirt with your sneaker style shoes. The bonus here is that you don’t just get energised from your exercise, but you get a boost for working at home as well.

Wednesday’s Mood: Zoom Call? Calls For A Formal Work From Home Outfit

heels to work from home

There are days where we will have to conform to getting dressed up because most of us will have the occasional video call with our work colleagues. We never realise how much we miss putting the effort into our outfit until we realise how good it can make us feel when we’ve seen ourselves in the final look. For a different, more formal work from home outfit, you can pair these Brielle Court Shoes with a bright blazer, to create a colour blocking look or you can style them with neutral colours, to complete a bold colour set. One thing is for sure, you don’t need to have to go to the office to stand out from the crowd.

Thursday’s Mood: Stay Comfy & Stylish At Your Personal Workplace

work from home slippers

The week is almost at an end, you’re more inclined to just want to lounge with some practical footwear but you still need that extra motivation for these two days that are left to work. In that case, we may have the answer. Find this kind of Suede Slippers to complete your practical and stylish work from home outfit. With the outside of this loafer as indulgent as the feeling on the inside, it can really help you to stay focused on your work as the last thing you’d need would be any irritable and uncomfortable distractions. The spacious toe box gives you room to feel so comfy, while the subtle colour and design make it a great choice to pair with any loungewear set, whether it would be floral loungewear or monochromatic patterned pyjamas, it works with everything.

Friday’s Mood: Last Day of Work Should Be Celebrated With Spring Outfits 

work from home shoe styles

Fridays are usually everyone’s favourite day of the week, even if we don’t celebrate them as we did before. It’s still exciting to look forward to the warm weather outside as much as you can. When celebrating that Friday is among us, why not consider our Adley Backless Loafers? You can step inside them and feel fancy with a floral maxi or mini spring dress to go along with it. These classic Adley Backless Loafers will make you finish the week with a lot of positivity to rejuvenate your mind. They are the all-time sophisticated work from home style. 

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