Summer Shoes To Show Off Your Pedicure

Summer shoes for pedicure

Summer Shoes To Show Off Your Pedicure

The warm season is the best time to consider summer shoes that will show off your pedicure beautifully. It’s the perfect opportunity to match your showstopping pedicure with a colourful statement pair of shoes for the summer. When we are allowed to celebrate our freedom and fully appreciate the weather by going out in our favourite summer outfit, we will be glad that the only dilemma to worry ourselves with is with what nail colour to choose. You might want to go with the boldest and brightest colours or pastel colours for a flawless summer pedicure. In general, there are definitely some tips that you could follow for your summer shoes to look even more eye-catching. Below you will find some color combinations that can definitely add points to your overall look.

Flat Sandals – The Summer Shoe For Simple…Attention

flat sandals

Flat sandals are summer shoes that allow you to be extra bold with your outfit or nail colour. So, whatever the style is, do not hesitate to combine it with more vibrant colors for your pedicure. The small heel often draws all the attention to your toes, so what better choice than bold nail polish. The statement colour and flat heel make for an adventurous day out.

Platform Wedges – Colour Your Summer Shoes, Colour Your Summer Mood

Platform Wedges

The combination of colors in the summer shoes is a strong trend for the season. But when there are so many shades on one shoe, which colour should you choose for your pedicure? Precisely because some colors are bright and luminous, it is a good idea to opt for neutral, skin coloured tones for your pedicure, otherwise, the colour clashing outcome will be too excessive to allow you to appreciate specific parts of the shoe. In this case, a soft, pale shade would be exactly what you are looking for your next summer shoes.

White Heeled Sandals – Stay Classy

white heeled sandals

White sandals are so versatile and simple that they allow you to work with any colour of your personal preference. For nail colours, the possibilities are endless as you can work with any bright shade, but if you want something more classic, we definitely recommend you choose a nude colour, in golden or bronze shade. These summer shoes are for a pedicure that you are proud to show the world. This combination screams sophistication, for an elegant and luxurious special event.

Heeled Sandals – Day n’ night Dreaming

heeled sandals

If you like nude sandals but would also like to add an extra shimmery textured look to them, you can also search for shiny soft leather materials and baby pink shades. These are many women’s favorite choices in summer shoes because they are easily combined with clothes and nail colours. To have a completely elegant and romanticised result, take a look at different shades of pink. Whether they’re intense or soft, the right colour awaits you to reflect your r style and character.

Black High-heels – Rock Your Feminine World

Black High-heels

Since these heels are already very powerful, the color of your nails should reduce the intensity a bit. Some of you may prefer a dark or black shade for a more punk rock style but if you want to add some juxtaposition to your shoe aesthetic, why not choose girly pastel shades to achieve a contrast that doesn’t make too much noise! 

Satin Heeled Sandals – Elegance overload

satin heeled sandals

You just found the perfect heeled sandal for your summer nights out but are still looking at how you can make it look even more elegant? Simply choose a nail colour that will highlight your chic taste. What about the all-time favourite french pedicure? However, nothing says a fun summer night-out more than metallics, they are a statement look to catch everyone’s attention in any kind of lighting and guarantee you’ll be remembered. 

So, are you ready to make the next pedicure appointment?

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